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  • Laboratory Tests

    The selection of Biochem is distinguished by being customized and tailored to the needs of the customer; it is also diverse and extensive. Biochem has started its activity as a laboratory for microbiological testing of food products and the control of medical devices.

  • Biotechnology

    Since 1993, Biochem produces raw materials for biotechnological applications in the field of health research and diagnostics industry. Biochem is able to produce the buffers, antibodies, antigens, cell cultures and semi-finished products for diagnostic kits.

  • Services

    Biochem aims to meet the growing and increasingly complex needs of customers by offering a professional service and individual care, tailored to the needs of the customer. Biochem has developed over the years a range of services, ranging from assist the customer...


Welcome to the Biochem new website. We want this site to be an opportunity for contact and communication. Biochem through its efforts makes a significant contribution to the quality of products put on the market by our clients. Our expertise and our care are of service to ensure the suitability and safety of your products.


Our Clients

Biomedical Industries
Pharmaceutical and Galenists Industries
Academic and Research Centres
Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Food Industries
Dietary Supplements, Phytoextracts
Manufacture of rubber and plastic
Chemical Industries
Manufacturing facilities in aseptic
Toy Industries
Cosmetic industries